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10c For Cancer Education Campaign

Can-Sir 10c for cancer-FB2015 was yet another successful campaign, members and volunteers of Can-Sir & partners Cancer Buddies, will once again during April and July, create the opportunity of addressing students during the 10c for Cancer Balls n Hooters Cancer Education Campaign, in order to deliver talks and demonstrations on an important subject and topic affecting young boys and girls from adolescence and especially with the introduction of the Cervical Cancer Vaccination.

The purpose of the 10c For Cancer Balls n Hooters education campaign which will be held at various school and tertiary institutions across the Cape Peninsula, Western Cape as well as Gauteng, Durban and Port Elizabeth, is to heighten the awareness of preventable health problems such as Testicular Cancer, Male & Female Breast Cancer, Cervical Cancer and encourage early detection and treatment of disease among teenage boys and girls.

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Male Care Support:

Can-Sir Malecare Support-WhiteCan-Sir malecare and You….

Malecare USA founded in 1997, created the worlds first heterosexual and gay men’s prostate cancer support group, which has expanded into a global network of in-person and online support for all men of all sexual identities and genders.

In March 2013 Can-Sir became a malecare partner and will expanded this program in South Africa and its programs will include services regarding the effects of cancer on Heterosexual, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender people.

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Healthy Eating with Prostate Cancer

Healthy Eating ProstateHealthy Eating with Prostate Cancer

By: Marike Bauermeister (Registered Dietitian)

If you have ever wondered what diet to follow should you have Prostate problems or Prostate Cancer, well, according to registered dietitian, Marike Bauermeister, following this program will more than benefit you. 

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