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South Africa’s Premier Men’s Cancer Organisation


        Stephen member pic           

     Casper Stephen Small                         Ismail-Ian Fife  
               (Deceased: 04/09/2012)                 Chief  Executive Officer     

 A registered Non-Profit   and   Public Benefits Organisation:

096-066-NPO                           PBO 93 003 8243

The birth of Can-Sir came about in 2008 through Ismail-Ian Fife’s (a Cancer survivor) own life experience with Cancer. He shared his vision and ideas with a fellow Cancer survivors who then realised the difficulty men in general were experiencing when it came to Cancer treatment, coping with Cancer in their family lives, coping with Cancer in general, not openly talking about Cancer due to either, being ill informed, uncaring medical staff, cultural differences or the stigma attached to Cancer.

Can-Sir, South Africa’s premier men’s cancer group, is an innovative and exciting NPO, formed to be the organisation of choice when it comes to CANCER Awareness, Education, Support to those suffering with cancer and their families, to emphasize the importance of regular examinations and early detection of Cancer and to Advocate for men’s health by being the voice of men with Cancer.

Can-Sir is a proud member of the “Global Prostate Cancer Alliance” partner to MALECARE International and Cancer Buddies who set about developing volunteer peer to peer counselling guidelines that are aligned with international protocols. Through this partnership, Can-Sir benefits from one of the most established volunteer psycho-social(support) programmes in the country. Can-Sir’s focus is mainly on the “Shy cancers”; Prostate, Testicular, Male Breast Cancer and Colorectal Cancer as they are the number one forms of Cancer affecting young and older men. However…, Can-Sir does focus on other Cancers affecting men and their care-givers across South Africa and it has to be noted that Can-Sir‘s campaigns are NOT limited to men only as we do have a huge network from which to pull resources.


Our people: 

They are the magic – Can-Sir is fortunate to have a unique mix of highly experienced and highly skilled people and Cancer Survivors, as well as world-class local and international consultants working with our organisation. Many of the team have years of practical experience working with and in cancer affected communities. Others have joined us as Volunteers and we have harnessed all of this experience and talent into an organisation that has become a true leader.

Our partners and donors: 

The many companies that we partner with and who donate so generously to Can-Sir, are also an integral part of our ecosystem and enable us to do what we do best. Please visit our partner pages for more information on who we partner with and who partners with us.

Our communities:

There is no doubt about it; our communities are the reason for our being. We are under no illusions that our communities have choices, so we work hard to ensure that there is no better choice for them. We are enormously proud of the fact that we have worked with and grown with many of our communities over the years and we truly believe that this is because of the open, honest and practical approach that we adopt with every engagement. We know that the magic is working when we become trusted friends, partners and advisors to our communities and we feel special and privileged when we have earned that position and are passionate about keeping it.
Thank you to our communities and leaders nationally! 


D A B Accounting & Tax Consultants

D S Britz – Mcompt (Tax) CA(SA)

3 Platinum Crescent, Platinum Park, Montague Gardens

Tel: 027 72 462 2508       Fax: 086 616 1489

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