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The biggest misconception in South Africa (and the world) today is not that the economy will magically recover soon, but that cancer is a death sentence and therefore “what you don’t know won’t hurt you”.

Ignorance is bliss.

The sad reality is that annually thousands of people pass away from a disease that could have been treated if picked up in time. With the internet and Wikipedia, we live in a mega information age. Information is available everywhere for everyone. And therefore, ignorance is not bliss, it is heart wrenchingly stupid.

In South Africa there are no Government initiatives, structures or implemented cancer plans, meaning there are no set guidelines for cancer screening in public hospitals. All these factors plus many others are contributing to the late diagnosis of cancer and thus poor treatment outcome. The newly legislated cancer registry is not working effectively and we have no good data on the prevalence of cancer in South Africa at all, this impacts on the planning and delivery of services country wide.

How can we stop this?

The campaign to address the silence

The aim is to make this organisation a national one and thereby reaching hundreds of thousands if not millions of individuals across South Africa by raising cancer awareness and education for men’s cancer and help to reduce the risk of developing and dying from cancer by making better lifestyle choices and seeking help sooner.

At least one in three cancer cases is preventable and thousands of men’s lives could be saved by making healthy decisions such as quitting smoking, reducing alcohol intake, take care in the sun, regular exercise, maintaining a healthy weight and eating a balanced diet.

Because early detection is crucial to preventing cancer and saving lives, the FACE UP for men with cancer campaign has stepped up its game. Funds from this campaign will be used to screen and test as many men across South Africa and will also go out into the rural, impoverished and disadvantaged communities to perform much needed screening and testing for Testicular, Male Breast and Prostate cancer.

  1. Every Friday during the month of September will be known as “FACE UP Friday”.
  2. We will get Individuals, Corporates and SME companies involved to show support by;

(1)   Having employers and employees participating in Face painting faces Blue

(2)   Putting on a Face Up tattoos

(3)   Wearing a Face Up Metal Badge

(4)   Wearing a Face Up bandana or wearing something Blue

  1. We will setup stations for face painting and tattoos in various Shopping malls
  2. Getting the public to participate in our 5 and 10km family walk. “Shy Cancer Fun Walk”
  3. Participation in our annual “Shy Cancer Golf Challenge”

By doing this, we will help raise awareness in the fight to save lives and the fight against cancer, A true campaign where our entire nation will become involved……..

 Be a Real Man and “Face Up for men with cancer


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