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Can-Sir is the brain-child of Ismail-Ian Fife (a Cancer survivor), who in 2008 through his own experience with cancer, saw the need for men suffering with cancer to receive more assistance when it came to support, awareness and education of cancer. He shared his ideas with fellow Cancer survivors and they soon realised the difficulty men in general were experiencing when it came to Cancer treatment, coping with Cancer and openly talking about Cancer due to either being ill informed, cultural differences or the stigma attached to Cancer.

Can-Sir – South Africa’s premier male cancer organisation, is an innovative and exciting Non-Profit and Public Benefits Organisation formed to be the organisation of choice when it comes to cancer Awareness, Education, Cancer Support to those suffering with cancer and their families, as well as to emphasise the importance of regular examinations and early detection of Cancer and to Advocate for men’s health by being the voice of men with Cancer.

Although Can-Sir’s focus is mainly on Prostate, Testicular, Men’s Breast and Colorectal Cancer, as these are the number one forms of “Shy” Cancers (rarely spoken about) affecting men, Can-Sir does focus on other Cancers affecting men and their care-givers across South Africa. It has to be noted that Can-Sir’s campaigns are NOT limited to men only as Can-Sir does have a huge network from which to pull resources.

Can-Sir is a registered and proud member of the international “Global Prostate Cancer Alliance.

Can-Sir is also a partner to MALECARE International and Cancer Buddies who set about developing volunteer peer to peer counselling guidelines that are aligned with international protocols. This affiliation, allows Can-Sir to benefit from one of the most established volunteer psycho-social programmes in the country.

By building this innovative partnership, Can-Sir is able to utilise the Malecare and Cancer Buddies expertise in creating a support structure for cancer survivors and their families across South Africa and thereby make a difference in the lives of the people they support.

The focus of this campaign will be on the “Shy” Cancers for men, as they seem to have a serious impact on the emotional wellbeing and adjustment of the diagnosed patients, young or old. The most prevalent men’s “Shy” cancers in South Africa today are:

Prostate Cancer, Testicular Cancer, Colorectal and Male Breast Cancer

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