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Our Mission

 Nerw Master Logo-1 Clear-BluSouth Africa’s Premier Men’s Cancer Organisation



An innovative and exciting Non-Profit and Public Benefits Organisation formed to be the organisation of choice when it comes to cancer Awareness, Education, Cancer Support to those suffering with cancer and their families, as well as to emphasise the importance of regular examinations and early detection of Cancer and to Advocate for men’s health by being the voice of men with Cancer.

Although Can-Sir’s focus is mainly on Prostate, Testicular, Men’s Breast and Colorectal Cancer, as these are the main forms of what is know as “Shy” Cancers (rarely spoken about) affecting men, Can-Sir does focus on other Cancers affecting men and their care-givers. It has to be noted that Can-Sir’s campaigns are NOT limited to men only as Can-Sir does have a huge network from which to pull resources.
Can-Sir is a registered and proud member of the international “Global Prostate Cancer Alliance.
Can-Sir is also a partner to MALECARE International and Cancer Buddies who set about developing volunteer peer to peer counselling guidelines that are aligned with international protocols. This partnership, allows Can-Sir to benefit from one of the most established volunteer psycho-social programmes in the country.
By building this innovative partnership, Can-Sir is able to utilise the Malecare and Cancer Buddies expertise in creating a support structure for cancer survivors and their families and thereby make a difference in the lives of the people we support.

We strive to contribute to the well-being of those suffering with Cancer and their families and focus will be particularly in the rural, impoverished, less fortunate and previously disadvantaged communities, although not limited to those communities as we strongly believe that Cancer is an ever increasing problem in all communities. We will cross the cultural line and educate and supply information to those who do not have any information on their particular Cancer.


How will we do this?

Can-Sir’s approach is insightful and practical, we will cross the cultural line and Educate and supply information to those who do not have any information on there particular Cancer. We will reach these communities through educational facilities such as Schools, Clinics, Hospitals, and Churches as well as work places by way of Presentations, Public Speaking, Motivational Talks and Outdoor Community Social Events.
Our Ultimate Goal is to Test, Screen and Educate as many teenagers, younger and older men as we possibly can and to empower everyone, not only those affected by a Cancer diagnosis. We will do this with a practical and wise approach to their informational, physical, emotional, and spiritual needs by way of, “Education and Awareness”.
Can-Sir is committed to improving and equipping Cancer patients and family members with a powerful, integrated approach to the Cancer journey – helping people to heal by way of educating and giving them the necessary psychosocial support structure they need. Can-Sir draws on the best of medical science, the vast teachings of world spiritual traditions, and the inherent wisdom within each person.

  • To contribute to the well being of those suffering with cancer, and their families.
  • To improve the awareness of Prostate, Testicular and other forms of cancer, through awareness and educational programs
  • To Test and Screen teenagers, younger and older men
  • To providing and offering Support and services to not only men but to all across South Africa, particularly to those who do not have access to information.
  • To offer a Support network for men with cancer and their families, this will give men a forum to openly talk about their illness, whether individually or in a group, in a cordial environment with other cancer survivors.
  • To ensure that men are encouraged to involve their families in their fight and to educate them and their families about their illness.
  • To fight against the stigmas and myths of cancer, particularly with regards to men, by educating the communities and public.
  • To make the public aware of the importance of early detection of cancer that will enable more effective treatment and a better chance of recovery.
  • To improve the welfare and quality of care not only for men but for all suffering with cancer.
  • To provide direct help to men with cancer, from diagnosis, recognizing the inevitable disruption to family life when a father and possibly the only bread winner faces vigorous and often lengthy treatment.
  • To be the mouthpiece for all those who currently do not have a voice and are too scared to speak out against the indifferences they are experiencing within there communities and public health facilities.

Our Volunteers will be trained and educated for the cancer challenge which will enable them to get involved and take ownership in the fight against cancer by sharing their resources and their talents in their own communities.

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